Meet Ary and Paulina

Latina Psychotherapists and Licensed Social Workers

Helping you find the inner power to nurture a resilient and more connected self

As professional Latinas with lived in experience, we have an enhanced understanding of the common struggles women carry in their multitude of roles. We each have over a decade of clinical expertise assisting families to enhance connections and understanding. We have specialized training in maternal mental health, childhood trauma, family dynamics, and parent education. We are bilingual and bicultural, making us sensitive to the richness and diversity of our clientsā€™ stories. We genuinely care about helping women lead healthy and balanced lives.

Our mission is to help women heal past wounds that are preventing them from feeling content and whole. We believe that women should feel supported in all of their roles as adults--- partners, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters. We nurture women who are the givers and supporters of their circles and we help them increase confidence to find their voice and to honor their powerful selves. 

We created Connect Nurture in the hopes of creating a place that will help transform relationships.