helping you find the inner power to nurture a resilient and more connected self.

Our mission is to help women heal past wounds that are preventing them from feeling content and whole. We believe that women should feel supported in all of their roles as adults--- partners, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters. We nurture women who are the givers and supporters of their circles and we help them increase confidence to find their voice and to honor their powerful selves. 


Ary Madera-Reber, LCSW.

Ary is a graduate of Boston University School of Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been working in the mental health field for over 15 years and has developed a passion for helping very young children and their families. Ary is a firm believer in the transformative power of relationships, and understands how the pain of loss, past or present, sometimes haunts who we are now, and, how we view and treat others. When not helping clients discover new ways of moving forward and becoming unstuck, Ary is also a part-time faculty member at Cal State Fullerton. She adores teaching her graduate students and planting the seeds for future generations of helpers and change-makers. If you ask nicely, she will also provide clinical supervision, if you're looking.

I’m invested in helping my clients come to terms with their situation in a way that is hopeful and sensitive, but also gently challenging. I seek to help my clients get “unstuck” from their current thinking patterns that are stopping them from living more fulfilled and full lives.


Paulina Padilla, LCSW

My name is Paulina Padilla, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and work as atherapist and parent supporter. I support parents in their desire to feel good about the connection and relationship they have with their children. I do this by helping them identify the barriers that make it challenging to parent from a place of compassion and empathy. I also do this by helping parents to learn and practice loving and healing strategies to build the best relationship they can have with their children.

I graduated from Whittier College, with Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and went on to work in non-profit agencies and worked with children and families as a case manager for 3 years. Through this work I became interested in helping families in a more personal way, and went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Cal State Long Beach. I then began my journey as a therapist working for a non-profit agency in the Pico Rivera/Whittier area for 7 years. It was through my non-profit work as a therapist that I learned about the importance of little ones forming healthy relationships with their parents starting at birth. Being a mom to 3 children, and having struggled as well with the humbling rollercoaster of parenting, has further established this work as my passion. I too went in search for information and support on how to support my children emotionally while teaching them the important values I grew up with. Through this search I also became a certified nonviolent parent instructor, and have been very excited to engage families in a new way through teaching the nonviolent parenting philosophy. I am very passionate about providing support to parents who are struggling or simply wanting to learn new and better ways to connect with theirchildren. I now have the opportunity to continue my journey as a therapist and parent supporter through my collaboration with my dear friend Ary through our work at the Connect-Nurture Center