Are you expecting a child, feeling worried, and not able to share your concerns with anyone?

Maybe you're an expecting father (or a current dad) and worried about how your life is changing.

Perhaps you are an expecting mother (or already a mom) and are wondering if you are depressed, or questioning how you "should" be feeling.

Having a baby is a big transition, and so is parenthood.

Some moms may report feeling sad and disconnected from their baby. Somehow the joy and excitement they were told they would feel doesn't materialize and insecurity starts to creep in. It can be very difficult to say out loud that instead of joy you feel sadness. Some dads feel like they need to be strong for their partners and are unsure how to express their concerns. Some moms and dads even feel ashamed because they think they are the only ones feeling this way.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a safe place to talk about these things? Even more, how great would it be to have handy, current, and practical information regarding not only what you're going through, but also how you can establish and maintain a loving connection with your baby?

We can help you prepare for parenthood if you are expecting, or have a history of anxiety and/or depression, and are questioning whether you can really handle parenthood.  If you are feeling sad, disconnected, or overwhelmed after having your baby (mother or father…dads get depressed too!) we can help you begin to talk about these feelings and find ways back to feeling like a whole and healthy you. We offer help through 3 services: individual therapy, couples counseling, and therapeutic support groups.

During our free 15 minute consultation we collaborate with you to figure out which service best suits your needs. All 3 services provide a safe space to share thoughts that may seem too scary to say out loud, and help you start your journey toward healthier parent-child relationships in your family. 

It can feel like such a relief to answer burning questions such as “Is this normal for me to feel?”, “How long should I feel this way?”, or "What can I do to feel better?"

We will help you find the best answer. Click below to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.