Are you questioning whether you can really do this “parenting” thing?

Maybe you are a new parent and are feeling ineffective and frustrated with yourself or your child. You look around and seem to always find parents that have it together and like they know what they're doing.

Perhaps you and your partner are running out of ideas on how to address crying and tantrums.

It's actually very common for parents to worry about how their child might turn out if concerning behaviors do not stop.

We offer parent education courses and provide a safe space to share these feelings, concerns, and questions about your child. The parent education courses are taught using the Nonviolent Parenting approach, developed by Echo Parenting and Education.  These courses can help you build confidence, empathy, and identify the many paths to help your child feel loved unconditionally.

Click below to join the 6 or 10 week parenting course and start feeling better equipped as a parent. Ultimately, you will increase your confidence and feel better about your relationship with your child. 

The courses are held on a weekly basis. Click "register" below to sign up for the wait list.