Hi, I’m Ary. It’s nice to meet you.

Usually, people like to know something about me before they decide if we’ll be a good fit. I can tell you the usual things that you’d find in my resume: I’m a graduate of Boston University School of Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I’ve been working in the mental health field off and on for almost 20 years as a case manager, therapist, and manager. I have completed certificate programs in Early Childhood Mental Health and Maternal Mental Health. I was a part-time faculty member at Cal State University Fullerton’s School of Social Work for a couple of years. I’ve supervised, trained, and mentored other clinicians wanting to develop their clinical expertise and reflective practices.

What you wouldn’t find in my resume is this: I’m a Mexican immigrant and trauma survivor. I have also struggled through the pain, isolation, and confusion of undiagnosed postpartum depression and anxiety.

It was precisely because of my postpartum experience that I developed a passion for helping very young children and their families. Our little ones don’t grow up and thrive on their own; they are dependent on us for their safety, comfort, learning, and connection. When a mother or father is affected by anxious thoughts, sad mood, and/or intrusive memories, the monumental task of parenting seems that much more impossible, and the whole family often suffers because of these symptoms that are outside of the parent’s control. I know first hand how frustrating and disappointing it is to want to be good parent, but finding yourself falling short of expectations.

I’ve worked for several non profit agencies whose mission was to uplift the most helpless and vulnerable, amongst these infants, toddlers, and their moms. I’ve helped mothers recover their confidence and build their abilities to understand and parent their children during the most trying of times. Out of my first passion for helping little ones, my next expertise evolved into supporting moms from all walks of life. No one should have to walk around wrapped in a cloud of doom. It is my desire to help you heal as you recover from from what’s troubling you, and support you as you connect on a deeper level with yourself, your little ones, and life.