Bootcamp Packages

Is your family going through some big changes? Our bootcamps and playcamp packages are perfect if you're looking to give yourself or your family a boost of stability. We offer knowledge, expertise, and experience with a nurturing licensed therapist who can help you and your family resolve worries, difficulties, and stress. We help mothers, fathers, caregivers and families through the early stages of parenthood, from pregnancy through early childhood and can tailor any of these packages to best service your needs.


Expecting a baby? We offer 3 different options to help single parents, couples, and co-parents emotionally prepare for their new baby.  


Has your baby arrived? If you're finding that the "baby blues" are harder to chase away than you expected, or are feeling helpless as a father or co-parent in how to support your partner and bond with your baby, we offer 3 packages to help you through this transition.


Help your older child transition to their Big Sister or Big Brother status. Bring your baby and your older child for a weekly play camp session to support sibling harmony. Do you only have older children and are wanting sibling harmony? We can help you, too.