My name is Ary, and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Child-Parent Psychotherapist. I am an expert at helping young children and their families heal from scary, difficult, or upsetting situations.

 As a mother of two, I am familiar with the struggles that each stage in a child's development brings. Because of my own experiences, I decided early on in my career to become an Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, which means that I have specialized knowledge, training, and experience to guide families with infants and young children. I love working with parents who are seeking to form a stronger and deeper relationship with their young children. 

I have dedicated my career to helping parents understand their little ones and, consequently, themselves better. I will help you to build confidence in your abilities as a parent. I can show you ways to slow down and notice what your child is trying to tell you: wouldn't it be awesome to finally understand what your baby (or toddler!) has been expressing through their non-verbal cues? It is possible to communicate with each other, even when your child doesn't know how to talk. I will explore with you what makes your child tick so that both of you learn to navigate meltdowns without getting stuck and get the most enjoyment out of your time together. And, if you and/or your child has suffered and survived through a scary or difficult event, I can help guide you through the aftermath so that both of you can go back to feeling whole again.

It is so normal to feel conflicted when it comes to parenting your child. It is possible to be confident in yourself and know that you are doing your best to support your child’s needs. The sooner you get started in reshaping your relationship with your little one, the sooner you will both feel relief. 

My name is Paulina Padilla, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and work as a therapist and parent educator. Through therapy and/or parent education I support parents in their desire to feel good about the connection and relationship they have with their children. I do this by helping them identify the barriers that make it challenging to parent from a place of compassion and empathy. I also do this by helping parents to learn and practice loving and healing strategies to build the best relationship they can have with their children.

I have worked as a therapist for the past 10 years in nonprofit agencies. It was through my non-profit work as a therapist that I learned about the importance of little ones forming healthy relationships with their parents starting at birth. Being a mom to 3 children, I too went in search for information and support on how to support my children emotionally while teaching them the important values I grew up with. Through this search I also became a certified Nonviolent Parent Instructor, and have been very excited to engage families in a new way through teaching the Nonviolent Parenting philosophy.

Parenting can be a humbling roller-coaster, and sometimes you may feel unsure how to support your children emotionally while teaching them the important values you grew up with.  Sometimes families are impacted by traumatic events, and parents find themselves needing more guidance on how to help the family heal and feel better. Both of these are discoveries that may lead you to seek help from therapy or parent education classes.